Neal Vineyard’s featured in The World in a Wineglass

Neal Vineyards and its famed winemaking and farming Napa Valley history is featured in the iconic book of wine, The World in a Wineglass by Ray Isle.

“‘The moral of that story was drilled into me from day one:  Know your farmer. Otherwise, who the hell knows what you’re eating. Or drinking.’

Jack Neal, Mark’s father, was a medic on the front lines in the Korean War. He and his wife, Athene, moved to Napa Valley in the early 1960s, then started a vineyard management company in 1968, which today Mark Neal owns and runs. It’s not a small operation, and it’s particularly significant in that Neal farms more organic acreage than anyone else in the Valley-some 840 acres for eighty different clients, more than 700 of which are also biodynamic.”

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