Mark Neal leading the Organic Regenerative Movement

Mark Neal is the owner and founder of Neal Family Vineyards, a boutique winery focused on crafting organic wines from 100% Biodynamic® vineyards and the first Napa winery to become Regenerative Organic Certified®. Known as one of the first pioneers of organic farming in Napa, Mark and his father started the vineyard management company Jack Neal & Son (JNS) in 1968. All the vineyards JNS manages have been certified organic since 1984. Today, under Mark’s leadership, JNS manages the most CCOF-certified acres in Napa while claiming the largest biodynamic farming operation in the United States, effectively making Mark one of Napa’s most influential, environmental grape growers. In 2022, Neal Family became the first Regenerative Organic Certified® (ROC) winery in Napa and one of the first five wineries in the world with the distinction.

Stephen Crock of Regenerative Viticulture Foundation sits down with Mark Neal discussing how he is leading Napa Valley in the organic movement.

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